Our Dogs


Duke Duke is a 12 year old German Shepherd. He worked for Lancashire Police for 8 years. He was responsible for catching many criminals, but the peak of his career was finding someone responsible for attacking a police officer with claw hammer. Duke had a bit of a bad habit in that he used to catch criminals by their feet!!! Duke is a character and is known for his stubborn ways. He now lives with his handler and family and enjoys sleeping next to the fire


Kira is a 3 year old German Shepherd. Kira came from a dog breeder in Hungary. She completed a 6 week initial course in April 2013 with her handler PC Sarah Sapey and began working on the streets. Kira was a well-behaved dog; she was very loyal and loved her job. She also took part in a Police Dog Competition in October 2013. Kira retired in April 2014, she now lives with a family on a farm in Whalley and is happily enjoying her retirement.