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Did you know that when a Police Dog is retired from active service (for whatever reason) they do not receive any financial support or pension?

Police dogs are often retired ahead of schedule due to being injured protecting their handler.They are an integral part of operational Policing within Lancashire and provide an invaluable service to our County.

Most of our Lancashire Police Dogs generally retire to their handler who then has to take over all financial responsibilities , In some cases a dog is retired at a young age due to illness or injuries sustained and then veterinary and drugs bills can be very heavy and cause heart-searching decisions for a handler who may well have more than one Police dog.

The Retired Police Dogs Benevolent fund has been established to assist handlers and adopters where neccesary so that the dog can stay with the family it knows and trusts.

We are a small group of volunteers who have a passion for the welfare of animals, most of the commitee have some connection to Lancashire Constabulary, whether that be as retired officers, handlers, current serving officers or keen fundraisers. Over the years we have been able to assist numerous retried police dogs with the cost of their vetinary expenses ranging from severe illness, minor operations, surgery and ongoing medication to make life as easy as possible for these hard working dogs.

Up to recently we have had to limit our help within Lancashire but we are now extending our support to include retired Lancashire dogs that are adopted out of the county where there is a need. We are also willing to assist any other county interested in setting up a similar scheme for these worthy ‘non pensioned officers’ with four legs.

Anyone interested in our work is welcome to contact any of our members and we are always looking for volunteers! We survive solely on donations, legacies and fund raising events.

Retired Lancashire Police Dogs

The Retired Lancashire Police Dogs Benevolent Fund was established in 2005 as a response to a heartfelt plea from two distressed dog handlers . Their dogs had to retire early due to mobility problems, with family commitments Veterinary fees for unknown years were not a possibility and there was no pension for animals. In 1997 trial Animal Welfare Committees were established in Lancashire and South Essex after the death of a police dog killed in training, these were members of the public with knowledge and interest in both dogs and horses. In Lancashire the scheme was very successful and culminated in good rapport between members and handlers. In 2005 the obvious distress and support from other handlers caused one of the welfare members to decide on a course of action. Getting the support of another member they formed a committee to raise funds to assist in the payment of Veterinary bills and where there was genuine hardship. This became a great success and is still so today holding fund raising events receiving, donations ,legacies etc. Advice has been given to other Constabularies when requested to help them in setting up a similar scheme. Help has also been given to other police and prison dogs where urgently needed. We are now recognised by the Charity Commission and are very proud of our record. BUT - Today more than ever our need for funds is greater - Veterinary bills are higher than ever In many cases beyond the limit of the handlers whose very life is so often bound up with their dogs ! Please help us to help these four legged heroes in their time of need.
Retired Lancashire Police Dogs
Retired Lancashire Police Dogs
Welcome aboard RPD Pirate

Pirate has had to take early retirement on medical grounds.

Pirate had a fantastic albeit short career as a police dog with PC Dave but has now found his forever home and is loving his new mums cuddles already

Happy retirement Pirate 😊
Retired Lancashire Police Dogs
Retired Lancashire Police Dogs

Our two main fundraisers are our calendars and the Bonus Ball with all profits from both going to support our dogs.

We have 15 balls available and it’s so easy to join

All you have to do is fill out our two forms (standing order mandate and application) send it back and a number will be allocated to you

For £1 per week (taken quarterly) you will win £25 if your ball is the bonus ball on Saturdays Lotto.
The Christmas Lotto Bonus Ball wins £50

If you’re interested then please email

You’ve got to be in it to win it
Retired Lancashire Police Dogs
Retired Lancashire Police Dogs
What does a retired police dog look like?

Just like this 👇🏻😂

Who’s your new pal RPD Rhyker?
Retired Lancashire Police Dogs
Retired Lancashire Police Dogs
Our fundraising calendar update 😃

Thank you each and every one of you for all your support.

We can’t help our dogs without your ☺️
Retired Lancashire Police Dogs
Retired Lancashire Police Dogs
😞🐾Some sad news tonight, RPD Sirius has passed over rainbow bridge at the ripe old age of 13 years following a battle with cancer , he had his handler & retirement mum by his side.
RPD Sirius served with Lancashire Constabulary for 9 years during which he was awarded a bravery commendation, caught hundreds of criminals & helped countless people. He spent his retirement being spoilt rotten & relaxing. He will be sadly missed, hugs to both his handler & his retirement mum ❤️🌈🐾